Why pills, gum & patches don’t work for everyone

May 13, 2009

Many years ago when I first began providing a hypnosis-based Stop Smoking program to my clients, it was interesting to hear their stories of having tried the various physiological approaches to try to stop smoking. You know… you’ve heard all about patches, gum, pills, etc.  For them, those approaches simply did not work.  Why?

First, let us establish that tobacco products are the single most addictive substance that mainstream people put into their bodies.  I’ve learned that tobacco products are actually 4.5 times more addictive than heroin!  Cigarettes in the United States have over 4,000 ingredients added to the tobacco.  Additionally, during the 2000’s, the tobacco companies have seen fit to significantly increase the amount of nicotine in their tobacco products.  Why?  To keep us addicted to them.  Further, the cigarettes that are targeted specifically to women also have cocoa added to them.  In the US, the cocoa (chocolate) in the cigarettes are about 10% by volume… in Western Europe, about 15% by volume.  Again, why?  Because the combination of the nicotine plus the cocoa make women twice as addicted as men when they smoke during their monthly feminine cycles.

Now to the heart of the problem.  There are two types of addiction to tobacco use.  The first is obvious… the physical addiction to the many added chemicals in tobacco products (nicotine, etc.).  The second type of addiction is the psychological dependency.  Everyone’s body is different… as are our beliefs and expectations.  For less than one-third of the tobacco using population, the reason that they use tobacco is because of the physical addiction.  For over two-thirds of the tobacco using population, the reason for them is because of the psychological dependency.  In this case, the product acts as a filter or a distraction between them and their stressful thoughts and feelings.  For those who are addicted to the chemicals, the gum, patches and pills may work.  However, for the majority of tobacco users, the physiological approach does not work… because it does not address their issue of psychological dependency.

If you have tried to stop using tobacco products by gum, patches or pills and it did not work, you may want to consider seeking out a good Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

(NOTE:  Less than 20% of the hypnotists in the USA are Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists.)